Lisa McKimm's Parenting Columns

SHOWING LOVE in the family

Coaching in the Healing Art of Apology, By Lisa McKimm
Where we usually go wrong with this – and how to put it right.
Gift Giving
by Lisa Mckimm
The best gifts come from the heart – not from the mall.
I Love You Because
. . . .
by Lisa Mckimm
Making memories for your children
Learning about Love and Loyalty
by Lisa Mckimm
Lessons for humans from a Boxer dog called Max.

HAVING FUN in the family

Enjoy Going Slow by Lisa Mckimm
Resist the fast paced life that is becoming common. Slow Down.
Why Take Time for Fun?
by Lisa Mckimm
The importance of fun in Memory Making
Bonding the Family with Laughter
by Lisa Mckimm
Why laughter is so important in the ‘memory making’ process.
Laughing when the chips are down
by Lisa Mckimm
We don’t laugh because we’re happy – we’re happy because we laugh.
Let there be Music
by Lisa Mckimm
A chance to connect with your kids – and practice non-judgement at the same time!

ENCOURAGEMENT in the family

Does your Self Esteem affect your children’s? by Lisa McKimm
Looking at the links between the way we treat ourselves and the lessons our children learn from our role modelling.
nning The Blame Game
, By Lisa McKimm
How to replace the use of blame with the growth of life skills.


Are You Robbing Your Kids? by Lisa McKimm
Lessons for parents in teaching responsibility to their children.
Are You A Guilt Trip Travel Agent?
By Lisa McKimm
A reflection of the outcomes when we use guilt as a parenting technique!
Coaching in the Healing Art of Apology
, By Lisa McKimm
Where we usually go wrong with this – and how to put it right.
Keeping Perspective in our Parenting
, by Lisa McKimm
Help is at hand for when you are feeling ragged around the edges!
Nightmare on Checkout Street
, by Lisa McKimm
Handling supermarket stress
We Teach others how to treat us
. by Lisa Mckimm
Time to stop blaming others – and figure out how you may have created this!
Are you an Eldest?
by Lisa Mckimm
Hints for eldests on getting the most out of life
You can’t believe everything you read
by Lisa Mckimm
Why “Because I said so” just won’t cut the mustard.
Gimme Gimme Gimme
by Lisa Mckimm
Freeing yourself from the demands to purchase ‘stuff’ for your kids.
The Source of Bullying
by Lisa Mckimm
What are we doing about Bullying?