The Wonder of Babies

6 x 1.5 hour classes for mother and baby to attend together.

Based on the beautiful ideas of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber.


  • Become skilled in ’tuning-in’ to the daily wonders performed by your baby
  • Understand the importance of uninterrupted play
  • Gain new ways to talk with your baby
  • Understand baby’s built in clock for reaching Baby Milestones (and why it’s important not to mess with it!)
  • Learn how to strengthen your relationship with your baby during care activity time (bathing, feeding, nappy changing)
  • See how much more your baby can develop in a safe and fully explorable environment
  • Learn to trust your baby’s competence
  • Discover how babies can learn gently about boundaries and respect
  • See your baby through new eyes!

Be Prepared to be Amazed at your Baby’s Level of skill, Rapid learning, and Ability to work with you!

Also available as professional development for those who work with babies! 

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Feedback from Parents

What parents asked us to tell you about The Wonder of Babies!
"The Wonder of Babies course really was a real God send, which not only enabled me to really see my child through new eyes and be able to appreciate her in a truly genuine way for all the wonderful things she was doing but to learn the importance of supporting her in a respectful way.

This has led to a much more positive and co-operative relationship between my child and I than I would have ever been able to have achieved without being gently guided in the right direction. Another positive has been by learning to give choices within respectfully given boundaries my child has been able to develop into a more happy self confident child, which though I also wished for her, until I attended the course I really didn't know how to give to her.

I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to have been part of such a wonderful experience both as a parent and on a personal level"
Marianne – Mum to Stella

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