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International Connections

 ParentingWorx has had the pleasure of presenting to an international audience at Adlerian Summer Schools held in New Zealand - our thanks for the invitation to Dr Tim Smithells and the lovely Don Smart. This has triggered invitations to present elsewhere in the world - more thanks to Dr Jim Bitter of East Tennessee State University; and Dr Mary Martini and Dr Jim Deutch of University of Manoa in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mahalo!

University of Hawai'i

International Feedback


Some of the freshest and most inspiring work I've seen in 25 years of attending conferences.
Dr James Bitter: Prof of counselling, East Tennessee State University, U.S.A 

Just fantastic facilitation and content. I am blown away by the experience.
Jennie McLachlan: School Counsellor, Melbourne, Australia

A beautiful way of sharing big lessons with people via Humour. Loved all the laughter
Barry Macdonald: Education Consultant, and Instructor at University of British Columbia, Canada

You have a rare gift. You can connect with people's hearts - creating powerful action in the area of their motivation. A pleasure to see you all in action and hear what you have achieved.
Betty Newlon: Professor Emeritus of University of Arizona. Specialising in Career, Family and Marriage Counselling


An international inspiration, encouraging families to fill their lives with love and respect.                                  Emilee Borba: Family Education Centres of Hawaii.

This team has a magical ability to put people back in touch with their internal wisdom, gently and yet powerfully.                                                           Laura Brooks: Family Resources Department, University of Hawaii


Well, unfortunately the time has come to end one of the best classes I have taken in all my five years of University schooling. Not only was the content of the course brand new to me, but the way that everything was presented was entirely unfamiliar and unorthodox - but in a GOOD way. I liked how the class was designed in amanner that promoted a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where we as a class got to know each and every one on a much deeper level as opposed to other ordinary classes. Every day I could feel a different energy within the class that I have never felt in previous schooling. I'm a little disappointed that the end has come so suddenly, but I have learned a lot of invaluable life lessons that I hold in my heart and I feel very lucky to have had such an amazing opportunity.                                                    Kanoa Burgess: University of Manoa Student

It was easy to see that Lisa captured the hearts of the Kamehameha School teachers at their conference today. The two and a half hours went by very quickly because Lisa put so much laughter into her talk. The Kamehameha School Director told me how much she enjoyed Lisa's talk and a pre-school teacher mentioned to me that she had loved it too. Lisa is unique in her ability to captivate her audience and it makes her an exceptional teacher. 
Jasmine Yim: University of Manoa Student