Dance With Me In The Heart

Dance With Me in the Heart by Pennie Brownlee
Book Review by Regan Mayo

Dance with me the Heart is the culmination of years of experiences and research. It is written from the heart, with respect for the reader, and ultimately, the relationship between the child and his/her primary caregiver. This book is unlike any book on babies you are likely to find on the shelves in the bookstore as its approach goes way beyond the usual “what to do’s”. Describing how and why we need to bring the gift of our full attention into our relationship with our baby, it helps us to trust our feelings and intuition. The information is easy to read and is supported by the latest in research from the sciences of the brain and heart. Dance with me in the Heart is a “must have” for all parents; those working with parents, and those wanting reading connecting them to the ideas of Emmi Pikler. It will contribute immensely towards raising the standards for parenting practises in NZ.

Regan Mayo is a La Leche League leader; a parent educator and SKIP champion for the Ministry of Social Development.

Published by the New Zealand Playcentre Federation
ISBN 978-0-908609-58-1

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