Awesome Lives
Awesome _Lives

Experience a life-makeover! Whatever we do for ourselves - our families will receive the benefits too!!

Delivered as either a weekend course                              – or as an eight week class.  

Here’s the promise: 

  • You will learn more about self-respect.
    If you role model it – your children will catch it! 
  • You will take better care of your spirit.
    Your children will be able to SEE what this looks like for actioning it in their own lives. 
  • You will discover how The Law of Attraction is working in your life.
    Your parenting outcomes are strongly affected by this. 
  • You will connect with how we heal rifts in our lives.Your children will see the ‘how-to’ in 3D living colour when you change your life by applying this. 
  • You will learn to live with joy instead of fear.Who wouldn’t want their children marinating in this much more positive energy! 
  • You will heal old attitudes and create new ones.Yay for that!  New beginnings all round. 
  • You will be inspired.

Think about organising a group of your friends and doing it together!