Awesome Start to Life

To grow a beautiful mutually respectful relationship with your baby - it's great to start as you mean to go on!

This single 3 hour session is designed for new parents, pregnant parents, or anyone planning a baby in their future.

Although there is much talk these days of raising our babies with respect, the 'how-to' knowledge that is required for this can be tricky for new parents. This class offers beautiful ideas on how to accomplish this important mission.

Here's what we cover

  • What Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber knew that you absolutely can't live without knowing too!
  • Respect. What does that look like and feel like to a baby?
  • What are the secrets to gaining a baby's cooperation?
  • What happens when you learn to tune-in to your baby?
  • How will your baby learn to trust you?
  • What's the most common obstacle in building a respectful relationship with your baby?
  • What's the greatest NZ written book for new parents?

You are guaranteed to LOVE this session.

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