Raising Kind Kids

"How to instil 'do the right thing' in your children? Parents are always saying children don’t come with a guidebook.  The Virtues Project offers one. This helps you to get kids on the right track of leading a good life." Oprah Winfrey

What we focus on in our children, grows. The good or the not so good!  The former is so much more effective than trying to 'squash' the behaviours that we don't like.  We can concentrate on parenting that bring us the outcomes we desire – like peace, truth, love, unity, caring, and cooperation. 

The Virtues Project™ is a simple, effective strength-based, positive, proactive program, created by Dan Popov and Linda Kavelin Popov and John Kavelin. It teaches how to set boundaries; recognise teachable moments; and support a child’s conscience, self-esteem and moral choices. This course focuses on 52 of the Virtues and shows 5 strategies for growing them at your place. 

"I fully support The Virtues Project which promotes such universal values as love, kindness, justice and service. May you be successful in your endeavours."                  His Holiness the Dalai Lama


You will be inspired.