A popular course in high school - this programme has been designed to coach senior female students in the use of tools that build respectful relationships.

Built into this pregramme is support and training for staff, and an introductory session for parents.

Gaylene and Mark Eyre (Boarding House Directors)
- St Peters School, Cambridge, New Zealand

After a big  first year as House Directors of Wrigley House with 48 girls, we knew there were areas that could benefit from fine tuning. For 2003 fifty six teenage girls was going to be invigorating, infuriating, exhausting, but heaps of fun.
I met Lisa in our first year and after an hour knew she could help with making Wrigley an awesome place to be, not because we had a beautiful new building but because if the girls were realised as individuals, they could make a real difference not only to each other but to all people they come in contact with.
Wow what a six weeks it has been !!!!!

Staff and Students were part of the six week RESPECT programme in term one and it has made a huge difference. The feeling in the place has been very noticeable for all concerned but more importantly to see the girls talk about the programme and the difference it is making to them in their daily lives, not just at school but at home was very exciting.

The proof of the pudding is really in the girls' evaluations.