Awesome Facilitation


If you aspire to be an unforgettable facilitator, this is the course is for you!

 Valuable for anyone who teaches; facilitates; supports; heals; inspires; raises or works with children; or manages others. 

A two day programme of full of inspirational ideas, moving moments – and demonstrations by Lisa McKimm. This education is guaranteed to return you to the heart-work of facilitation.

Power Topics include:

  • Making a great first impression
  • Honing Your Presentation
  • Using Music to your advantage
  • The Power of a Good Yarn
  • Handling sticky moments
  • Laughter as a Teaching Tool and Mood Changer
  • Magic One-Liners
  • Stories – and how to use them
  • Aspirations for a first class presenter
  • The difference between ‘teaching’ and facilitating.
  • Ending a session powerfully