More Laughter, Less Stress
Laughing group

Providing relief as well as coaching for hardworking or stressed parents and professionals!

Want to nurture a workplace or home where teamwork flourishes, productivity soars and everyone willingly gives their best?

Research shows that integrating fun into what we do raises people's levels of commitment; co-operation; loyalty and enthusiasm. Of course, the personal benefit to each individual is also huge. Who wouldn’t want to work or live in a happy and positive environment!

What we will cover:  

  • Stress - the epidemic of the new Millennium
  • Research on Laughter
  • The Magic of Laughter - Creating physiological changes through laughter
  • Benefits to the Workplace and Home
  • Positive ways to de-stress the working and home environment. 
  • Identify how to unleash creative energy and enthusiasm in ways that benefit everyone
  • How to avoid the kind of seriousness that breeds energy-sapping anxiety and tension
  • Overcoming resistance to Laughter
  • How to access the benefits of Laughter when there is nothing to laugh about!

A great mood-lifter for your team or community!