Magic Clasrooms, Magic School
Happy children

This one-day programme has been written for the dedicated teachers and ancillary staff who abound in our school system in Aotearoa.

 Those who push themselves through paperwork and planning deadlines; reporting and accountability requirements, and still turn up to work every day with a heart and spirit that finds reserves of energy from somewhere, so that they can do their best for each child who counts on them. It is our privilege to support you.

An overwhelmingly positive course that includes the following modules:

  • Building the realm of Mutual Respect
  • Conjuring up Positive Classrooms, Corridors and Playgrounds!
  • Removing the curse of Negative labels
  • A Magic wand for redirecting children
  • Disappearing acts for gremlins that damage Mutual Respect in the School Environment
  • ‘Magic spells’ for creating co-operation
  • Why ‘Banishment from the Kingdom’ doesn’t cut the mustard.

Feedback from the Principal of St Joseph's School, Hamilton - Arnna Graham-Sommerville

"Magic Classrooms, Magic Schools" is just as it says. Lisa worked with our team and I would have to say it was, "simply magic". Motivating, challenging, fun, scary and inspirational for young and old teachers, support staff and leaders a like. The stories Lisa told, the journey she took our team on, was one that gave us a checkpoint, refueled a fire and passion for children, created pathways of positive relationships and has loaded personal and professional toolkits for life. It has created a sense of positive purposefulness and a peaceful confidence in our team. We're a team of difference with real dynamics.
This time with Lisa has enhanced these differences, shown us how these differences are essential, brought an understanding to these and guided a pathway of real unity and team. The power of this journey is amazing. I am delighted to offer myself as a referee for this programme - Phone 07 – 8555434.