The Inspirational Work of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber
Baby Reef

Ideal for those who care for infants, in either at-home or away-from-home settings.

A one day course.

 Emmi Pikler was a world leader in how to respectfully build relationships with infants, and in so doing, allowed the perfect unfolding of our little ones' development. Her ideas will challenge those who believe in ‘teaching’ babies and the notion that speeding up a baby’s academic; social and emotional development is a good thing. Her ideas on how to be respectful towards infants are eye-openingly powerful – even for those who thought they already used respectful practices.

 You will:

  • Become skilled in ’tuning-in’ to the daily wonders performed by babies
  • Understand the importance of uninterrupted play
  • Gain new ways to talk with a baby
  • Understand baby’s built in clock for reaching Baby Milestones (and why it’s important not to mess with it!)
  • Learn how to strengthen your relationship with a baby during care activity time (bathing, feeding, nappy changing)
  • See how much more a baby can develop in a safe and fully explorable environment
  • Learn to trust a baby’s competence 
  • Discover how babies can learn gently about boundaries and respect

 You may come to see babies through new eyes!

Presentations tailored to suit - from Keynote presentations at conferences, to full or part day workshops.